Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"My Inspiration"
Design inspired by a new friend, adapted in a different mood of colours. A variant of size beads are used in this piece - Amethyst, Jade & Swarovski.


Price: RM128

"My Inspiration"
This piece, well is a journey. You know, when in a relationship - sometimes it goes without strings attached. In a marriage, surely that changes, it comes with strings - chains in the case, commitments, responsibilities interlinked and of course LOVE to sum it all. A new journey in life, you know you will always have someone chained by your side. LOL!!

Code: E180
Material: 14k gold
Price: RM138

"My Inspiration"
Bridesmaid. Being a bridesmaid is an honour as being one of the closest persons to the bride, at a wedding. This piece tells a story of the caring & ever-ready to assist the bride, friend who was elegantly clad in her bridesmaid dress on the big day of her good friend.

Code: E179
Materials: Fresh water pearls
Price: RM108

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